A Cold Case of Pathetic Fallacy

Cold Case character in the rain

While I was watching an episode of Cold Case with Ruben yesterday, there was quite a sorrowful scene at the edge of a highway where the rain fell in torrents around the characters, dripping off their waterproof hats and soaking the ground.

I had a question.

Me: What was it called again when the situation's really sad and it's raining?
Ruben: Oh. You mean 'sad rain'.
Me: What! *starts laughing hysterically*

[a few scenes later where it's not raining]

Ruben: And that's called sad, dry rain.

Regardless of Ruben’s jokes though, I’m really liking Cold Case, which is apparently part of the CSI franchise. It follows every lead (like Castle and most shows) which is somewhat different from the Law & Order (SVU/CI) we have also been watching lately, which likes to jump to different locations without indicating how the characters got there.

What I’m most curious about these cases though, is usually under what circumstances they went cold in the first place. What kind of investigations were done before? Perhaps that’s going too far. Additionally, is an accidental death counted as a cold case or a closed one?

I should be careful before curiosity kills the cat.