My First Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Singapore

It has been literally a couple of days in Singapore and I love it to death already, despite the fact we got off to a bad start at Changi Airport as well as being unable to find the serviced apartment, being unable to get in once we found it, and then having to pay an extra cost for bringing along an extra person. Regardless, the shopping centres/malls have been amazing so far that I want to wander them forever, the little attractions are fun to see and I want to keep taking pictures and recording everything I can see with my minds’ eye.

Other than that, however, I’ve been feeling a little run down and under the weather the moment I got here. Ever since we made our interconnect at Darwin and caught a SilkAir flight to Singapore, in fact. Let this be a lesson to carry tissues on the plane - a lesson I shall no doubt forget again regardless.

We’ve been to the Merlion, Funan DigiLife Centre, Orchard Road, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and wandered around Chinatown desperately looking for a money changer just to name a few of the places we’ve been. I’ve been insistent on exchanging money even though my dad exchanged some before we left, but a few hundred doesn’t go a long way when you’re buying three meals a day, even if food is on average a bit cheaper.

Here’s to more fun to come, and I almost dread the end of this trip. We’ve only just started and already there’s only just a few more days left. I don’t know if I want this to end, even if the change of setting is making me feel sick on and off.