Coca-Cola Marinade

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

After a meal of chicken wings marinated in oyster sauce today, my parents were discussing how they used to buy or make coca-cola marinated chicken wings ‘back in the day’. When I posted this on Twitter in surprise, a friend chimed in that this was pretty damn common for a marinade though, so of course I had to go take a look, and lo and behold there are plenty of recipes out there, such as this on the Coca-Cola website.

I’m sure there are still people who think I’m strange when I mention that my grandpa used to make us hot Cola (or Pepsi) with lemon to ease coughs, but this seems no less strange to me, though surprising. It seems to be the caramel-like flavour that Coke can lend to food in this instance, but I wonder if there are any… healthier alternatives.

Featured image from Coca-Cola Company.