Clue to Canadian mystery

Photograph of an article in the mX Sydney Enlarge image

One of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic nearly 170 years ago while searching for the fabled Northwest Passage has been found.

One of the articles spotted in the mX today, but as I didn’t have a copy of the mX myself, I ducked inside a train to pick one up late this evening. While searching for the correct page, I ended up ripping the page I was looking for ironically, but thankfully it’s still perfectly legible.

A pretty amazing discovery, and looking forward to seeing more information as this mystery unfolds, little by little…

(On a side note, mXs are always littered all over the place on trains, such that you could get on a train on Monday morning and there’ll still be mXs lying about. There are two minds about this, some people are grateful to those that leave an mX behind for them to read, but on the other hand it’s just laziness — take your mX and recycle it!)