#CityRail fun on Tuesday

Miracle Train, but the trains here are no miracle

You've all no doubt read Ruben's much more superior post about the enjoyable, lovely and entertaining CityRail incidents yesterday which were none of the aforementioned adjectives. After a long wait at my station for a bus where there was not a single indication of anything happening, not even signs pointing towards a potential bus service and then having buses stop in strange places they should not stop in and missing them, later in the day both Ruben and I were faced with the joy of a trip to Epping via bus and then changing at Epping for a service to the City. Fun times.

In any case, I thought I'd share with you some of the merry screenshots I took through the day. One is from the CityRail website, and I'm surprised at the timestamp somewhat since I thought I'd taken the screenshot earlier in the day. In any case, I don't recall if I've ever seen it simply so bad.

Update: I just noticed that the image says the 4th of February, however the screenshot was taken on the 12th of March. I don't know what they did, but something must have broken. Slow clap for CityRail!

CityRail Live Travel News

The hilarity which ensues however, is that clicking on the any of the links you see above (basically all of them that says 'Delays'), returns this lovely marvel:

404 Error Click to see full size.

Not only are the trains on every line delayed, there is simply no way to access information about it, besides which I would argue that the website was grossly wrong. If anything, my line was part suspended, since there were no actual trains going in one direction - or either direction, even, until later in the day. Sure, you have this or that covering it, or your friends grumbling away on their social networking about having to catch the bus - ew, buses - but when you can't get the information you need from the official source, that is truly sad. Then again, when even the staff have no idea what is going on as Ruben said in his blogpost, that's probably even worse. I retract my statement.

These CityRail complaint posts are rising and and multiplying happily away on the internet, but CityRail should listen up and do something about this soon. I seem to recall an item of news saying that this is the 7th such event that has caused such widespread problems in the past 6 weeks, which has been practically the worst it's ever been.

In my opinion, people should listen up to what my dear BF has to say because he makes a lot of sense in that blogpost I linked above (you better have read it!). This problem was discovered at 5.45am and was only just beginning to be resolved almost 10 hours later. Why does it take you so long, CityRail? Is this simply the Australian culture, or is the system really gone down that far?

If that guy they pulled over from doing London's tube is going to make changes, he better make them fast once July rolls around.

Miracle Train image from Zerochan (may require login).