TokyoWink Sham

Tokyo Wink/ sham

Earlier this year, I decided that at last I wanted to both overcome my fear of contact lenses, and uplift the general quality of my cosplaying. Most of my cosplays in the past have had me hack the character into wearing glasses, or seeking to find characters that already wore glasses, but this was getting annoying particularly with the advent of false eyelashes.

As it was a last minute decision, two months ago in early August I jumped online and looked to see if there were any reputable sites around, as putting something against your eyeball is one of the most dangerous things you could do.

Spiralling out of control

Despite looking at several options, I came across a pretty glowing review of a site called ‘’, where the commenter mentioned that their friend or sibling received their contacts within two days of ordering on their store, and praised the service. Looking in various other places seemed to show a generally positive sentiment, although now I realise I do not recall how timely or dated these posts were.

Regardless, going on this information I placed an order for two pairs of circle lenses that were stated as in-stock and with no prescription in order to receive them as quickly as possible. I had decided to take advantage of the free shipping with a $50 purchase, since the price difference wasn’t that much if you had shipping on top of one pair anyway.

A week passed, and then two, and I waited, giving them the consideration that perhaps the items had gone out of stock and they needed to reorder them. I decided I would wait until the end of the month to see if I got a shipping order. As the end of the month came and went, still I wondered and waited.

"It's your fault for waiting"

You can begin to see where this is going. At this point in time, PayPal have been telling me that they can’t help me and I’m ineligible for dispute resolution because I have passed the 45 days since the day of payment mark, and suggests that working it out with the seller through communication has been a solution for others. However this only works if this seller is responding, and have not had both their Australian site ( as well as their international site ( simultaneously disappear suddenly, already having demonstrating an extended silence on their social media front.

While it may be my fault that I waited so long to begin the dispute resolution process, making excuses for the company and patiently waiting and messaging politely hoping that they would respond soon; as well as giving them the unnecessary consideration that they were busy or that they were out of stock, I’m not the only one who most likely now won’t see their money back. The only good news is that with both sites down right now, people won’t be able to continue making any purchases that then won’t be delivered. The bad news is that tokyowink was still live earlier this week.

But this behaviour is shady, to say the least.

Alternatives and recommendations

It’s a world fraught with danger out there, particularly when buying these kinds of cosmetic items. Unfortunately I did not have a friend to guide me in good places to buy these kinds of items at the time (always ask these experienced friends if you can, you lucky devil).

But now a friend has stepped forward and recommended to me a site that was recommended to her by REIKA herself: Harukaze Wigs Japan, not only for their quality of wigs, but also for their circle lenses. The prices may seem a little steep, but actually are of a pretty typical price (in these parts anyway) and sometimes you get what you pay for.

A site endorsed by REIKA… now that I can trust!