Christmas lights and other bright things


The thing about being taller is that sometimes you get better pictures — like in crowds or when trying to avoid glare from signs overhead! You can always bend lower, but you can't get taller without something to stand on! In any case, Ruben has already blogged about today and I think his post is more worth reading. Nonetheless, here's my take on the season.

I've only been out of high school for four years, so Christmas always just signified to me holidays in general, and discount shopping after the season. School ended on December 19 or 20, so there was barely any time to really consider the season before it was already upon us, and being as it was that I lived in an insular society so I only ever kept to a Hornsby - Eastwood region, what was there was the only things I ever saw.

We didn't decorate at home, my parents refused to since I was little and thought that the ornaments that look like little presents actually had something inside and tried to unwrap them. They didn't of course.

So I can't say I had any particular fond feelings towards this particular holiday other than grateful gift giving to all my friends. I noticed the Christmas decorations going up earlier and earlier in Westfield Hornsby, but other than liking the winking lights that started to fill the neighbourhood and my preparing presents for friends; my family never really treats the coming of events with much vigour, even Chinese New Year to some extent.


I always loved looking at the decorated trees of family friends though, perhaps I just wanted a proper Christmas with the tree and decorations and lights and the seeing what we got for Christmas kind of thing. Unwrapping presents on Christmas Day... is that the right day?

My particular memories of Christmas are such as a toy sewing machine that never properly worked (in the way you expect a real sewing machine to anyway), to a year where my brother and I both got pork jerky and a tube of mini M&Ms apiece. But can't complain.

I've been coming to like Christmas a bit more through the years however, and as Ruben has already mentioned, the CBD hasn't been particularly prettied up for the occasion (I'm sure some places are just getting there, and to be fair we haven't visited the QVB or Strand Arcade, and other places yet). But there still many places you can spot pretty Christmas decorations to enjoy — particularly at night when the lights sparkle and shine, though it does make photography quite hard!


Ruben forgot to mention we started off in Hyde Park today after our trip to Starbucks (I do not recommend the Gingerbread Latte, sorry, but only because the cinnamon was overpowering for me) and we visited the lonely tree there.

Funny I remember there used to be other things too, or a larger tree, but this one was still lovely if weatherproof, and the flowers surrounding it was a nice touch and contrast of colour as well as a compliment. In a concrete jungle, here lies something that stands out! Well, the tree is standing too.

Many others were also stopping by to take photos of the tree with or without others in the shot as they strolled along the footpaths fringed with teeming greenery.


Since we were so close to Pitt Street Mall anyway, we went in that direction. David Jones' display first caught our eye since their decorations for Christmas are incorporated into their 175th Anniversary celebrations. It was amazing to see how things had been strung up to move, and it was also impossible to capture. The Toy Department window was Ruben and my favourite. As he says, we could have watched them and explored their displays all night, but time had sped without us realising it.

It's such a shame that Pitt Street Mall doesn't seem ready at all for the occasion and even a little strange, but I have no doubt we'll be back to explore there again in the coming weeks and see what they have in store for us then. :) I'm glad that I'm able to share this occasion with Ruben despite everything.

If Ruben thinks that Sydney isn't tarted up much though — to quote him! — I'm really curious about what it looks like overseas. I'd like to see a massive tree one day — they usually have a tall one at Martin Place, but it's always been somewhat anti-climatic, strangely.