Christmas hast come?


We haven't had a Christmas tree up with actual decorations since I can remember. For a couple of years we had the fibre-optic Christmas tree up, which seemingly required no other embellishment, and one year we even had a wire Christmas tree which was basically a glorified earring stand for baubles, but never anything that really said 'the works'.

Somehow this year however, we've gone from having no Christmas tree to actually having possibly too many - if there can be such a thing!

I'd seen Christmas trees, admired them, yet it never actually occurred to me that I'd never really decorated one before since I didn't have access to the materials for it. Actually putting things onto a tree was an experience in itself - having a large amount of decorations to put on certainly beats the 5 or so baubles that I usually have in total.


Decorating a tree by yourself is kind of lonely though, I admit. My family were all awake at the time, but I seemed to have been delegated the responsibility of putting things up, though my dad plugged in his USB powered mini Christmas tree.

At least as a treat, I was pointed to our first Christmas tree, the one that funnily seemed smaller in my memories, as well as some of the old decorations we had, which also strangely had seemed smaller back then. They are clearly designed for a much larger tree than ours, but we make do (or rather I do).

It's nice to have some decorations up again though fairly minor and I still have to switch the fibre-optics tree off before everyone can sleep at night (in case it catches fire?). It'll be nice to see what wonders Ruben and his family have done with their tree later though and suffer crushing inferiority.