Christmas Cheer

Christmas with the Tse's

I’m going off to Singapore tomorrow, so all of the Christmas presents had to be opened today, or would have had to wait until I returned from Singapore. I got a load of presents from Ruben’s family (though not nearly as much as he did), but interestingly enough this year I also got presents from my family.

This year I instigated the gift giving and Christmas spirit by putting up the tree and starting to place a load of presents underneath it. As the days went on nothing else seemed to appear under the tree other than the 7 or so presents that I’d bought for my family. Then - suddenly there were gifts for me from every member in the house.

I don’t remember us doing gifts like this since I can remember - which admittedly is not that far, but regardless makes it significant. Perhaps this is all that was needed to spread some Christmas spirit - someone to instigate it and show that it was a desired event other than continued passivity as I sought Christmas cheer elsewhere?

We’ll test this again next year - see you again in Singapore, or later! Gotta get back to packing.