Power in the palm of the hand.. or on your wrist

QBracelet portable charger

I was pondering the issue of a portable charger for my Nintendo 3DS today, but instead of finding a charge for my 3DS, I discovered another possible charging option for my iPhone. It’s always running out of power, so this solution that is always (supposed to be) on you is perfect - provided you remember to charge it. Given that I have one portable charger though, this would be the ultimate backup. Or alternatively the first line of defense, I guess, to get the phone over the edge.

This QBracelet that looks like a innocuous - if slightly chunky - bracelet, is actually a portable charger. While it won’t give me the two full charges that the portable charger that I currently have does, it has the benefit of having the charging lightning connector built in. (If I had a Mophie I wouldn’t have this issue, eh?) This gives me another 50% power. That would help tide my phone over the edge until I could get back to a charging source. I would prefer it was 60%, but I’ll take what I can.

The only thing stopping me from buying one at the moment is the price tag of $88, and this is the pre-order price. After pre-order, we’re looking at $110 shiny dollars. This is also probably USD given the ‘New York’ brand, so you can multiply that by a third nowadays. Or more.

It sure looks sleek though. I tell you what, this would definitely make sure that you never forget your cable again.