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Basic Character Profiles All the profiles are very basic and generally contain only minimalistic details. This will be updated in the future if need be.
Various grammatical and spelling errors may occur. Draft only at this stage.

Basic: Half dog demon, half human
Parentage: Dog demon mother (Inu no Ojo?), human father (Izayoiro)
Siblings: Elder half-sister (aloof), Sesshouko
History: Attempted to attain the Shikon no Tama to become a full demon, however fell in love with Kikyoshi and decided to become human, was manipulated into believing she was in a situation of betrayal and sealed to the Goshinboku by Kikyoshi, unsealed 50 years later by Kagome.
Outfit: Red hakama and haori with prayer beads
Name change explanation: I see no reason to change it as such other than the confusion which could ensue surrounding the name. The only way I see that I can change this name, is by restructuring the name entirely, otherwise it loses it's meaning. The problem with Takahashi characters is that their names are always entirely meaningful, where any sort of deviation from this name, renders the name completely useless.
Comments: Too difficult to manipulate name. However, if desired, the Youko used is not the youkou written as 妖狐 meaning fox spirit. The same kanji is used for 'you-' 妖 as in the 'you-' in 'youkai' (demon) and 'hanyou', however the '-ko' is the word for child 子.

Higurashi Kagome/Kagomaru/Kagomoro?
Basic: Human, has priestly powers
Parentage: Human father, unknown human mother
Siblings: Little sister, Soutako (just add the word for ‘child’ on the end)
History: Modern world child dragged back in time through a well, reincarnation of Kikyoshi, unsealed Inuyasha from the Goshiboku while being chased by the centipede demon
Outfit: Japanese male school uniform resembling Christian priest’s top
Name change explanation: No name change as Kagome is not a real name, thus I rule it genderless. However, can change it to use a male suffix if really desired. (Can reduce confusion.)
Comments: Confusion may ensue, but I doubt it will be that difficult since names were not necessarily changed for Haruhi either. Kagome will doubtless need to be less like his counterpart female Kagome.

Gender: Male
Basic: A Shinto priest (kannushi, known as kamunushi previously?), human
Parentage: Unknown (humans)
Siblings: Little brother, Kaedeo (optional?)
History: Prevented Inuyasha from stealing the Shikon no Tama, convinced her to become human, led to believe Inuyasha betrayed him, sealed Inuyasha to the Goshinboku and reincarnated as Kagome.
Outfit: Kariginu and optional eboushi OR jo-e and tate-eboshi (check link below)
Name change explanation: It’s a simple addition of the –shi to make it sound more male.
Comments: Name has lost meaning, however as it wasn’t significant in the first place, it doesn’t matter so much. The kanji can be changed as well anyway, as there are many ways to write kikyo(u).
Kannushi information:

Gender: Female
Basic: human, bhikkhuni (female Buddhist monastic/Zen?)
Parentage: unknown human father, human mother (received Kazaana from her)
Siblings: None/unknown
History: Is successor of a hereditary curse placed on their family, hence hopes to break this curse by killing Naraku, however, she is also rather lecherous and perverted in her flirtatious manner and… unnecessary touching (which is a learned bad habit) but has a more serious motive in wanting to produce an heir to continue her quest if she dies without defeating Naraku. She also travels the countryside performing services, however will sometimes falsify situations to earn comforts. Meets Inuyasha and Kagome in this sort of fashion.
Outfit: Monks robes (indigo Samue), waraji sandals, priest’s staff (research pending)
Name change explanation: Nothing much, just adding of the feminine ko and changing the other slightly. Name has lost all meaning, however has gained a more modern meaning in that it sort of means ‘child that goes around’ which matches the … wandering.
Comments: I feel that Miroku is a failure as a monk, thus Miruko must also be.

Sangokai/Sango Gender: Male
Basic: Human, youkai taijya (demon slayer)
Parentage: Human mother (taijya), human father unknown
Siblings: Little sister, Kohaku (no name change, is unisex)
History: Taijya village destroyed by Naraku’s demons, brother mind-controlled to kill elite taijya and thus betray them, manipulated to believe that Inuyasha killed her village, attempts to rescue Kohaku, has a male cat demon called Kirara (which appears to be meaningless, this unchanged, if I must though, he will be called Kira)
Outfit: A basic sort of thing that resembles a jinbei, straw zori, ‘leggings’ and ‘armguards’ plus general unisex designed taijya outfit
Name change explanation: Added –kai to make it sound more masculine like (maybe), however the name now means ‘coral sea’ rather than destroying the meaning in the name. However, due to ambiguous nature of name, could remain unchanged.
Comments: I seem to be adding to every name. The boomerang-shaped weapon Hiraikotsu remains as a boomerang, of course.

Gender: Female
Basic: Human body devoured by demons, thus is officially a hanyou, tries to dispel his human side…
Parentage: Unknown, however, Narakumi was created by being devoured, thus, impossible? Unknown of Onigumoko
Siblings: Unknown, assumed none
History: Was the burned body of Onigumoko, attended to by Kikyoshi, however, was jealous, allowed herself to be devoured gain a proper body, manipulated Kikyoshi and Inuyasha to believe they betrayed each other (you know what I mean) and did evil ‘stuff’ for more than 50 years after that (not explaining), reconfigures body for more power regularly, can create detachments.
Outfit: Various kimonos, baboon ‘outfit’ (cape/hood, really)
Name change explanation: Naraku’s name is the most meaningful of all, which means it’s hard to change, hence I opted for adding once again. Whether it works is disputed. ‘Mi’ can be used for ‘body’ and the like, thus I hope this adds to the name again (not ‘mi’ as in beautiful). Onigumo is also very meaningful, so I just added the word for child again.
Comments: Sorry, but maintenance of meaning in the name is hard! Their names will just get longer. Why does Narakumi give me the image of some sort of succubus now?

Gender: Female
Basic: Fully-fledged dog demon
Parentage: Dog demon mother, demon father
Siblings: Younger half-sister, Inuyasha
History: Not much to be said. Has a sort of rivalry with sister going on, somewhat aloof, however does not stop from … attacking Inuyasha at any given opportunity. (Nothing has really changed), dislike of humans apart from Rin (ambiguous), the young boy she saved.
Outfit: White haori and hakama set with beehive+flowers patterning , some armour, the ‘fur’.
Name change explanation: As the –maru suffix is only used in male names, it would be somewhat meaningless to keep it in, so although the –ko would, in a way, make Sesshoumaru less of an intimidating force (maybe), it’s somewhat necessary. Or if you don’t like it, pick from –ko, -mi, -e and –yo. ‘-Ko’ still works better than ‘-ka’ though, in my opinion.
Comments: Actually not very pleased with this name.

Shippo... incomplete.