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I've decided it's probably easier to have the chapters not posted here directly, though I guess this method is still somewhat pending.

I have added a section on the side for you to download the chapters via MediaFire. They are all .pdf documents. The Easyread Version basically contains more name changes so you don't get so confused. It's essentially the same as the basic version, except that the basic version merely uses 'Kagome' and 'Inuyasha'. (The EVersion uses 'Kagomaru' and 'Inuyouko'. Makes it less confusing since the mental image will be different.)

So I might post some previews here with the links, but ultimately, they'll be availiable through the downloading. They're only 209kbs or so anyway, so it shouldn't be that great a deal.

Chapter 1 Preview is availiable in previous post.

Chapter 1 downloads: Chapter 1 (pdf) Chapter 1 (Easyread Version) (pdf)

Note: Both are labeled DRAFT v.2.1 because essentially, I may still change it. If I do though, I will of course post an update. It is version 2 though, so it should be ok, unless I spot something that I really need to change...

Please comment if you do read, so I can improve, ne?

Over and out...? I'll make pictures if I have time... xD Or you can make do with my sketches?

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