Chapter 1 - Preview

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Prologue ::– DRAFT Preview.

Inuyasha – Seitenkan Monogatari (Genderbending Story)

Chapter 1

A loud crash emanated through the air as a large plume of smoke rose from the burning, collapsing building that had been the village’s Shinto shrine only moments before. The figure in the midst of all this crises was all too recognizable to the villagers, who had seen her around the town all too many times before.

“It’s Inuyasha!”

“Inuyasha’s attacking, run!”

A female demon sailed through the air almost effortlessly in the wake of the scrambling villagers, her long silver hair flicking out behind her in a silver banner as she escaped from the scene. Dressed in a red hakama and haori, she stood out as it was, but what distinguished her most from her kind were the two triangle shaped ears on the top of her head which looked like either a cat’s or a dog’s. Now in her clawed hands, she clutched a mystical round pink jewel on a beaded string.

“Ha ha ha ha ha.” She laughed, as the villagers pointed at her, recognizing her and fearing her in the wake of their missing Shinto priest. “Too bad. I’m taking this Shikon no Tama.”

Although her voice was mocking, when she turned to launch herself in motion once again, her features were grim. Now that I have this, I can become a real youkai. She thought, as she reached the edges of the village.

“Inuyasha!” A voice cried out, and in the time it took for Inuyasha to turn to this sudden sound, an arrow plunged into her chest and through, securing her to the tree behind.

“K-kikyoshi.” Inuyasha muttered in surprise as she stared at the solemn form of the village’s kannushi, one hand outstretched with the long bow held in it, and the other further back from releasing the string which had propelled the arrow to its final destination. That man. Inuyasha thought viciously. How dare he? She was meant to be a demon, not defeated by such worthless mortals.

But her vision was dimming even as she watched. Could this be death? Her eyes drifted shut and she slumped against the tree, limp as a doll, only the shaft of the arrow which secured her to the tree preventing her from collapsing in a heap at its base.

As the last of the fire was put out, the charred wooden pillars of the shrine that-once-was smoked and steamed and flakes of charred material floated into the air. The villagers immediately started whatever recovery they could. Kikyoshi did not join them, however, as he slowly approached the motionless Inuyasha, picking up the Shikon no Tama out of a puddle of blood which stained the earth.

“The Shikon no Tama.” He said with an air of reflection, gazing at the pink jewel. “Because of such a thing.” There was a hint of melancholy in the statement.

Kikyoshi suddenly coughed and came down onto his knees, blood trickling from his mouth. Blood deeply stained the right side of Kikyoshi’s jo-e and was slowly dripping into the dirt, more blood seeped from the crown of his head. Villagers who had emerged to salvage what they could rushed over into the immediate vicinity.


“That’s a horrible wound.”

“Onii-sama.” Kaedeo, Kikyoshi’s younger brother, appeared at his side, his left eye bandaged in an amateur wrapping. “Quickly, we must get you treated.”

Kikyoshi did not reply to that. He already knew he was too far gone. His vision was beginning to darken as more blood slowly seeped from the wound. He recognized the signs, though never thought he would experience it so soon. Soon he would not be able to hear or see and would die. It was too late to get any help.

“It’s already too late.” Kikyoshi said in a voice which brooked no argument. “So, listen carefully, Kaedeo. Take this and burn it with my remains.” He held out the Shikon no Tama to his little brother, handing him his first duty as the new priest of the shrine.

With that, Kikyoshi’s eyes closed slowly though he fought it, his body visibly relaxed and he toppled over into the dirt even as the villagers cried out his name and rushed to his side. He was gone.

Kaedeo, take this and burn this with my remains, so that it will never again fall into evil hands. I shall take the Shikon no Tama with me to the next world. In the end, there was nothing to do, but follow the last orders of their kannushi, as they burned the ceremonially cleaned and bandaged Kikyoshi in their ritual, the Shikon no Tama clutched in his dead and lifeless hands. And with that, the Shikon no Tama disappeared for many years.

There was still a reminder of that incident though, in the forest that would come to be known as Inuyasha’s Forest. A young female demon pinned to a tree, would serve as a constant reminder of that day.

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