Ruben's ChanrioClara's Chanrio

Time for more avatar making as we jump on the latest bandwagon to make some cute icons. Long ago I remember making a series of icons with a generator for Katekyo! Hitman Reborn characters, but that now feels like almost a lifetime ago. Regardless, nowadays I can never say no to making a chibi-fied version of Ruben with literally no real work on my part… Lazy, aren’t I?

Well it’s Chanrio’s this time! And it’s just for the neverending collection rather than for actual use online, but sometimes there generators make me want to foray into making an application similar to this. ‘It’s not that hard’ I tell myself, but the truth is I really have no idea.

In short, the number of options in this app was definitely much more limited than any other app that I had used in the past. But this app redeems itself in the fact that the icons it generates are really very cute and (in my opinion) is virtually unbeaten in this area (see what I did there?). A sacrifice for cuteness?