Your password is not available at this time

Windows 8 screenshot: Change your password - This service isn't available right now-please try again later.

I’ve been blessed with the wonderful (note: sarcasm) fortune of being stuck with Windows computers at literally all my workplaces so far. While I don’t always have Administrator access though, at least this time I knew that I was the administrator of my own laptop and can, generally, make the changes to it that I want. Despite this, I was unable to change my password from the insecure default one I received when I took charge of this laptop due to the service being ‘unavailable’.

To their credit, Microsoft’s Twitter support tried to give me a hand, but ultimately directed me to my IT Department which doesn’t exist in our tiny branch company.

This matter has not yet been resolved.. and probably won’t since I’m hoping for a new laptop anyway. I’ll keep ye posted.