Castle Season 6 is a go

Shocked Rick and Martha

Castle's back! And almost has been for a month, but hey I missed the memo... and I've been busy with new anime. I think. At least I caught it now and... am now considering that it in fact wasn't the best time to catch it. But I admit I'm intrigued as to how Beckett and Castle will remain able to have anything to do with each other this season — without revealing too much. Although I guess I can't say anything if I don't want to spoil the last season.

Okay, so she got a new job.

You thought I was going to say the other sparkly thing. But I digress. I like the new casting in this season from the new head honcho to general members of er, staff so far, though it seems that Cuddy from House has appeared and working as Beckett's new partner. I thought there was something familiar about her... What's her name? I haven't remembered yet, but you can ask me later.

Beckett and her new partner

As usual, I don't understand how they can keep their hair so long and yet unbound. Is it because they are higher up that they can afford to keep their hair free-flowing or is this the usual media nonsense. As far as I know, hair must be kept short or tied back away from the face to get it away from the eyes. I don't know how they get any work done like that.

In any case, we'll see how this plays out. Literally.


No sooner do I say that did I realise there was no way that it would last~ ...Right?