Cantonese Ways and Spock is Asian (via @ntdOTGW)

Interesting video on the differences between Cantonese and Mandarin from NTDOffTheGreatWall. They do make a mention of Singapore's use of 'lah' but I don't think it's that commonly known that Cantonese people usually use 'ah' at the end of sentences (which means 'lah' can flow naturally, but it's still more natural for us to use a simple 'ah'). I personally try not to use it when I can though (such as the first example).

It was interesting to see the 'Cantonese way of writing' though. I'm versed in more traditional writing styles, but it is often flavoured by my own spoken Cantonese. Unfortunately I simply don't know the characters, though there are some interesting shorthands. 用小D好. Trying to pronounce Cantonese writing(?) with Mandarin (i.e. 'bien du ya') sounds like a dialect I've heard — or maybe even Korean, interestingly.

It's only recently that I've heard that Cantonese is closer to Classical Chinese though. Cantonese was always just written off as something akin to 'slang Chinese', because of the differences between it and the more commonly known standard Mandarin. I guess it's a good feeling to have this connection to the past though (even if my literacy level is basic at best).

Although I do love Cantonese, for some reason I just prefer Mandarin over it. To me it sounds more fluid, but I can see why people would love the sing-song quality of Cantonese though it always sounded somewhat 'clunky' to me personally.

Onto Star Trek...

As for Spock being Asian, why didn't I ever make the connection? (Probably because I've only watched the movies, I guess.) I suppose we do have that in common that it's hard for Asians to show emotion (apart from anger), plus probably the education from a young age (not necessarily the smarts), though I don't think we're all that logical when it comes down to it. Plenty of people out there saying that they're based on the Japanese to begin with anyway, so I'll leave this back to them.

Guess I know why Ruben and other nerds like it. ;) But hey, what do I know? 萬歲,萬歲,萬萬歲! (Simplified is so much cleaner, haha: 万岁,万岁,万万岁!)