Cantonese IQ博士 Opening

Cantonese opening theme to IQ博士, or otherwise known as Dr Slump. Now and again it’s nice to revisit some of the fond memories from the past, and music in a language that I don’t often listen to music in, strangely enough. Regardless, the first and only cassette tape I have really owned was a tape of Cantonese childrens’ songs to play on my SONY Walkman I inherited. The above was one of those songs on the tape.

If you compare it with the original Japanese song, Waiwai World, the Cantonese one seems to cover more narrative, not to mention have more words. Waiwai World contains a lot of ‘made up’/nonsensical words. The Cantonese version follows pretty closely in meaning, but also strips some of the meaning out such as the Pig going ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’.

The Cantonese version was one of the first songs performed by Hong Kong actress and “Madonna of Hong Kong/Asia” Anita Mui, however like many great people departed this land in 2003. You probably won’t find it on her discography though, so who knows how many more could be out there. She did perform it in her 1985 concert however, and the face she makes while singing it is adorable.

She also sang some songs in Japanese… she reached far and wide during her career, even from such humble roots. It would be interesting to gather all of her songs someday.