ACT 1: Trip to Canberra

Trip to Canberra

Riding once on an airplane in a day is one thing, but boarding two aeroplanes in one day is almost more excitement than I can take.

Today I took a trip down to Canberra to meet with one of our clients out there, but lo and behold no sooner had I arrived at the reception and had readied myself with all the necessary details to announce myself at the desk… than there was a sudden call from my office telling me the client had cancelled. What ensued was a most interesting afternoon of empowered independence!

But that’s not what I want to talk about today…

Trip to Canberra: Canberra Airport

In plane English...

See that pun there, see it?! Remember it! For both trips today I flew onboard Virgin Australia who were kind enough to change my flight home, no questions asked, and free of charge.

The first flight was onboard an Embraer 190, or E190 as it said on the safety and instructional cards. I really don’t know much at all about this plane but there’s plenty of eye-candy over here at the Embraer website. It’s a turbojet plane though, yes, and this is significant because the flight back wasn’t even though I had changed by flight to an earlier one.

Trip to Canberra: Model plane at Canberra Airport

The flight back was on an Alenia ATR 72-600, a cute little turboprop plane of Italian make, which was what I was originally going to ride back on as well! It seems there are far less people going back from Canberra than there are going to… I wonder why?

The propellor engines were definitely quite loud as I sat a couple of seats back from the left wing. I stopped noticing it so much during the flight since there were plenty of other noises anyway, but it was definitely noticeable as they spun to life and when they spun back down again once we were back on the ground. The exhaust coming out of the propeller engines were slowly painting the wing of the plane immediately behind it black with soot - I saw some of the personnel cleaning this off as I boarded, and I wondered at the time what they were cleaning.

The largely exciting part of this trip back for me however, was the fact that I was finally in a window seat, in the daytime, as the only other time I managed to fly in a window seat it was darker than sin outside.. no fault of anyone’s but the sun. I spent the entire 40 minute trip staring in awe at the ground below, the clouds, the propellers and basically anything I could get my eyeball on as I ate crackers.

You haven't told me anything, Clara

Uh, yes. So this is a plane post of little substance since I don’t know an awful lot but I thought it was interesting regardless. Check out the ART 72-600 page for some interesting trivia that was at the same time quite scary such as the icing issues that have caused some accidents and incidents. Nonetheless I place my trust, misguided or otherwise, in the hands of the experts.

Anyway, as a bonus I also got to take a short trip to the Royal Australian Mint, which was extremely pleasant and relaxing, and has only fuelled my desire to collect coins. Did you know that a coin that has slight errors can be worth much more than its face value? Often these errors are microscopic. :) (See top image!)