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Monday = Communications for IT Professionals.

Agenda: - ACS Foundation ... talk - Library talk on Online Resources - Language Task

I did somewhat find the talk by the ACS Foundation quite intriguing, since halfway throughout that er... talk, I suppose it was (lecture? Not really) I realised that perhaps even though I'm in a course which is largely focused on programming and business, this doesn't mean I can't still be creative. I think what spurred this was probably when they were discussing the internships with different companies (which despite my Industry Study semester, I think I would be very interested to participate in, if possible!), and I saw the Adobe logo amongst the ones of the other participating companies.

This reminded me of the Refresh Roadshow day that happened a fortnight ago. I admit quite freely, I haven't really used my CS4 much, so I was quite stumped by half the things that were going on there, however their presentation of some of the new features of CS5 were fascinating .... and yet, this is going sadly off-topic. coughs slightly (What? I had a cold! xD) In any case, they had several mentions that developers and designers work together and sometimes their roles would have to overlap somewhat - although this was actually them developing tools so that they could work together without dispute (You didn't code it how I designed it! But this design is completely ludicrous and impossible!) - but any rate, this caused a sudden epiphany, so to speak, as I realised I don't just have to be a programmer, I can be a designer and a programmer!

And work for Adobe!

Kidding. (I think.) But maybe this was obvious to others, but not to me. I don't mean just designer in the sense of designing a piece of software for a purpose, yet designing it ... in the way people create programs like Photoshop, for lack of a better example. I'm not absolutely certain how to explain it - the idea is still somewhat hazy even within my mind, but I do have an aim of making things aesthetically pleasing, so perhaps this is what I have in mind.

In any case, they continued on to the Online Library Resources after that previous talk (which I covered extremely badly) and went through things which I had been shown when I went to library training during O-Week. I kind of felt I wasted my time going to the O-Week one now... Oh well.

And then came the Language Task. That kind of worried me. On the first page, it asked to put down my first language, which I think is actually Chinese. But I do much better at English than I do at Chinese (I can't write much in Chinese, I'm not kidding), so I really wouldn't say that I'm an ESL or anything. I do recall they put me in an ESL class when I was little, but I really doubted that I needed it. It was completely useless and I didn't even understand the reason I was there in the first place (sopleasedon'tthinkI'manELS pleasepleaseplease).....

In any case (-still groaning from despair over my own demise-), the task was simply a graph with statistics about smokers in Japan, China, USA and Europe and we were supposed to describe it - in simple terms. I hope I did a good job, but as always, think I probably made a grave error somewhere along that line. The last   section of it was perhaps a little weak.... I tried my best, right? -worry-

That was pretty much it. Hung around in the FEIT First Years Lounge for a while until it was 1pm and time for the BIT Information Session (hp decided to reschedule?) and we talked about camp and future sponsor visits, and so on with Des. It was quite enjoyable overall.

/End longwinded day recount and rant.