Bronze over silver

Ceska Republika bimetallic coins (bronze and gold)

This morning, @Dorry_kun on Twitter reminded me that there are other bi-metallic coins out there other than the typical silver and 'gold'. I like this bronze and gold coin from the Czech Republic as much as I like the others. The effect of two metals on each other simply looks better than the use of just one.

Perhaps it highlights the motifs in the centre of the coin better, or it's just the play of contrasts. I find I don't mind particularly thicker or thinner outer rings either though it's always best to keep modest. (I'm not sure about the US 1 cent coin here, for example.) I didn't think I would like unconventionally shaped bi-metallic coins either, but I do.

Speaking of oddly shaped coins though, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the first triangular coin minted in Australia. Though I don't necessarily have a lot of love for Canberra, it still looks quite nice!

Triangular 25th anniversary of parliament house coin from Australia