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On one of the recent episodes of The Frequency on the 5by5 network, Haddie and Dan talked about BroApp, which is an app marketed to “automatically message your girlfriend sweet things so you can spend more time with the Bros”.

Intelligently designed so girlfriends won’t notice anything out of the ordinary, messages can be sent (or not sent) depending on the user’s location, such as if he is in his girlfriend’s house and on her WiFi network.

I’m sure many females have baulked at hearing about this app, and I can’t say that I’m any different though I’m equally sure it has piqued the interest of many guys. While I can see its potential use, at the same time messages from partners are appreciated if they are sent in spite of being busy. Nobody likes being an afterthought. If I’m going to cook, I turn my phone off silent so I can hear if I receive any messages, but I readily count myself among the more extreme of examples.

I think this paragraph says it all:

As much as this might seem like a win for guys, if a guy has no time or inclination to send his own texts to his girlfriend and she finds out about it, he might not have a girlfriend to use the BroApp on for long.

Be prepared for strong wording: If you find messaging your girlfriend needs outsourcing, perhaps you shouldn’t have one. At least, that’s how I understand commitment.

At the same time, you know what is strange? The fact that so many males can be intrigued by this app and so many females have a distaste for it. It shows a fundamental difference between the genders I’m not sure I’m too comfortable with.

More worryingly - the creators are Australian.