Bring on the updates: new Firefox logo

Firefox icon evolution

Seems like along with their new Firefox OS, Firefox are releasing a new icon and following the current trend of simplifying and minimising. I don't blame them, I myself recently simplified my icon, but the difference is they merely revised theirs whereas I overhauled mine completely. I have to say there are some things I really liked about the old icon that were taken out but the new icon is also very nice and there is plenty to like about it too. The icon has certainly been much improved over the years.

Interestingly, they seem very pleased about finally giving their fox a shoulder, which is something I hadn't noticed before as strangely positioned or missing. I feel like with this latest change the perspective we are viewing the fox from has changed somewhat, or perhaps my impression of it was not right in the first place.

In any case, I will miss that bright stripe of amber down that fox's back in favour of gradients which are friendlier for recreation in SVG and CSS gradients. But the essence of the logo and the fox is still there, which is what matters.

Those using the Firefox 23 beta will be using this new icon, apparently, and the new icon will make its way onto all of Firefox's browsers, both desktop and mobile, and publications soon.

Source: Mozilla Creative Team Blog.
Image from Sean Martell.