Branding and logos

Your mileage may vary, but I think this video is great. It just goes to show that a logo is more than the words it’s made out of. I’ve been analysing a lot of logos lately, and while some logo elitists complain about the new disposable logos, I don’t care about that - I just want to see the different approaches people are taking to logo design. A lot of logos these days consist of just words, which was why I thought it would be important to find a good font and then you simply need to find a way to make the letters work together.

My main problem with this is that I don’t yet have a ‘brand name’, so to speak, that I like and that I could live with being used on a professional and non-professional basis. In all the areas!

BUT this video just goes to show it’s not about the text. How everything is placed makes a difference such that even if the letters are changed we can still tell what the brand is. Who sees the red and yellow circles interlocking with the lines and doesn’t immediately think of Mastercard? Not me, at least.

Obviously this is not possible for everyone, but in the absence of a name that I like still, my next project will still be to create a graphical icon that I like. Wish me luck!

Oh, and everyone was so hyped up about the new Google logo that people didn’t say much about Verizon’s logo change. They’re a US company though, so I guess we don’t really hear about them here in Australia. Nonetheless, if I had to weigh whether Google’s new design or Verizon’s is better, I would go with Google in a heartbeat. I think their refresh/redesign still epitomises them, but Verizon’s has missed the mark badly. A logo/brand is supposed to depict who you are, and if you take ‘childish’ from Google - it’s working. They wanted the concept of ‘childish fun’ to come out anyway.