[Art] #BottleMiku #Vocaloid Phenomenon

Bottle Miku

I came across this tag randomly earlier today on Danbooru when I was trying to look for some artwork of Miku. While I haven't seen her before before this point, it didn't take awfully long to go through all 10 pages which feature her on Danbooru. It seems Bottle Miku's hair is made of water (sometimes looking like bags of water, sometimes streaming from her like her head is an endless source of water) and within it will usually live a little orange-red fish (a goldfish?), that has something to do with her... Sometimes depicted almost as if she is in love... Okay, that's just my interpretation.

Interestingly, Bottle Miku is only something of a recent phenomenon, looking at MikuFan. I hope it picks up pace because some of the art, as is reported in the linked blogpost, is truly stunning. Think about the wealth of Bottle Miku art I haven't yet discovered on Pixiv even now. If there's anything official that ever comes out for her, I would grab it up in a snap!

Image from Danbooru.