Boruto The Movie

Seeing this video kind of makes me feel a little flutter in my chest - we’ve all watched Naruto grow up as we followed him along his long journey, and now he’s an adult with a child of his own and ever more immense challenges to conquer. I’ve not always kept up-to-date with Naruto, I usually just drop in now and again whenever something interesting or dramatic happens so to be honest I don’t have the full picture on how it concluded. Clearly not the most loyal fan…

Regardless: Boruto, or Bolt, is a new start of sorts - young and fresh in a more peaceful world. But it’s upsetting to see Boruto’s dislike of his father when Naruto would have probably killed at that age to have parents, or anyone, to love and take care of him instead of being on his own with the rest of the village shunning him. I guess because Naruto is busy all the time with his Hokage’s duties it can feel to Boruto like he doesn’t have much of a father, but there is love and care for his son there all the same. Each of us choose to respond in different ways, some treasure the rare moments together and some choose to deal by closing themselves off instead.

I’m seeing a pattern here - Naruto’s son, Kenshin’s son. Why do both of them seem to hate their fathers when their fathers both went through so much in order for them to finally reach this happy conclusion, probably with a wish to nurture their own children in a way that they weren’t able… Or maybe I’m projecting. Anyway, I guess it’s the nature of storytelling to keep you on your toes. I hope Naruto’s daughter will at least end up differently, she doesn’t feature in this trailer but I’m guessing she will make an appearance at some point.

I haven’t yet watched Naruto: The Last, but I’m kind of tempted to watch Boruto: Naruto The Movie when it is released in October. Actually, if I’m honest I haven’t watched any Naruto movies before. I have to mention that it also feels weird to have Sasuke of all people be the one to train Naruto in this movie, it just doesn’t feel right. Perhaps I really am not used to the transition of these characters to adulthood yet and still holding on to their early-Shippuden selves. Perhaps I’m not ready to move on yet…

Well, I’m off to watch the trailer again anyways.

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