Blog comments and lack thereof

Tweet Comment

Ruben has been rebuilding his blog these past few months in Jekyll (he alludes to his work on it here) and I've been observing at times as he goes through the process. Of course, being hopelessly lost as he explains the different tags, but regardless.

Along the way, we've had a few conversations that have resulted in some interesting ideas and a few 'Aha!' moments from Ruben as he discovers a tag he could have used/removed. Anyway, Ruben has encouraged comments by tweeting, posting and the like since he turned off blog comments in 2012 and inadvertently while discussing during a class once, we hit upon the idea of adding a link to a post that would allow you to comment via Twitter with a link directly back to the post.

Ruben was keen to add this to his new blog, so I thought I would try my hand at it too... which caused me to break some code which proceeded to bring down the whole site, but I digress. It's been there for a few months already now, but I haven't seen anyone use it so far. I wonder whether it's a result of where I've put it, that I haven't been accepting comments since this current blog's inception or a mixture of all sorts of reasons?

In any case, it's there now anyway!