Black Tea Soy Latte

Black Tea Latte from Tom N Toms

Despite discovering that I seem to be lactose intolerant of late, it hadn’t occurred to me until this week that most cafes offer soy milk as an alternative to regular full-fat milk which they use in their beverages. I don’t care if it’s hipster — I have a perfectly good excuse for requiring soy milk in my drinks!

It seems the substitution has gone quite well so far, such that while in Tom N Toms today and I spotted a black tea latte, I simply could not resist — on the grounds that I could get it with soy milk of course. It’s always a shy experience when asking if they have any available.

Green tea lattes are frequently rare to come by, but black tea lattes…?! I had neither heard nor tried this before and it certainly did not disappoint. If anything, the soy milk enhanced the drink, adding to its flavour. Ruben commented that regular milk usually simply makes the flavour of the drink more mild, but soy milk adds a little of its own flavour to the mix.

I would gladly order this drink again, but given that every Tom N Toms seems to have a different drink menu, I wonder if that opportunity will be sooner or later? I suppose I better drop by Town Hall more often then. ;)