Black and blue

This is the single most important topic on the internet today - more than anything else (who’s Tony Abbott?), we’ve all be obsessing over the dress that looks black and blue to some people, and white and gold to others. Sent into my inbox by a colleague while I was at work early this afternoon, it soon had the office in an uproar as the dress was debated and debated again.

I definitely see black and blue and have since the beginning, and there are several theories about it from your mood, to the way our eyes perceive colours and so on. Some various info:

"The perception of colour is always open to variation depending on ambient lighting as well as the labels [the name of colours] that people assign to the colours that they're viewing. In addition, each digital device (such as computer screens, printers, etc) have a marginally different colour gamut, an internal gismo for colour and this can distort the appearance of colour creating havoc in all sorts of different contexts."

A note from the ‘poster’ says the dress was white and gold in actuality, but searches on the internet present a black and blue dress. On the other hand, now other media are reporting that the original poster of the grainy and low-resolution image confirmed that the dress was black and blue.

Either way, I feel validated. It’s still a bit of a mystery as to why this phenomenon happens though. Ruben insists on some colour theory that he’s read in regards to white balance, and says he sees white and gold.. or rather something else closer to brown and purple - well then. I disagree in any case and given the evidence that this dress is actually black and blue now feel rather smug…

Why is it so important? We hate to be wrong with no explanation and need to be validated.

Update 08/03: for about 2 seconds today, I finally saw this dress as white and gold. Potentially it was the result of not wearing glasses for several hours today, or perhaps it was the result of my laptop screen being too bright and viewing a white canvas before I sighted the image of the dress.

As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, the dress turned black and blue again. Perhaps this does have to do with night vision and how our eyes react to light (then again, everything is just wavelengths anyway).