Birthday Tea for @Rubenerd

Afternoon tea at the Tea Cosy Irish Tea House

Today, 12 wise men and women joined to celebrate the birthdate of the illustrious Ruben! Okay, that number was a bit of a coincidence, but regardless a mountain of scones and jam and tea was consumed today in the company of good friends at a cosy Irish tea house in The Rocks (see what I did there?).

Although the day was unseasonably warm, it was a rather relaxing afternoon sipping different varieties of tea after the mad rushing caused by trackwork on Northern Sydney lines this weekend. The staff were most kind despite the fact that we arrived late.

It seems I spent more time photographing teacups, food and alpacas than I did of any of the actual attendees, but I suppose that only goes to show what kind of company we’re in. Of course, most of us ignored the request to not bring presents and brought some anyway, along with our presence.

Happy Birthday again, Ruben, and I hope for the chance to gather again for your birthday next year, when perhaps leaving friends will also have returned from Japan, and we can all heartily welcome them back. :)

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A birthday Tea Cosy