Becoming an Adult

Opal Card IMG_5885

A completely pointless, but actually quite significant milestone for me today, as it is the last day that I can claim concession for this semester, being as it is that I am a part-time student this semester thanks to timetabling issues.

This is a big deal especially because this is the first time I am required to pay adult fares, since child fares apply when you’re under 16, child fares still apply as long as you hold a student concession card from a high school, and then concession fares apply as long as you’re a full-time student (preferrably not holding a job) at university, or other educational institution. To date, I have always been a full-time student in Australia, and so only ever paid child/student fares.

Despite gaining an extra job in the past few weeks, even just simply considering paying an adult fare for an entire week is one that fills me with apprehension. I am fairly certain that I will be paying so much more, yet perhaps they will prove me wrong as I wait for my Opal card to arrive in the mail in the next few days. Or perhaps they won’t.

Nonetheless, I think I will be looking forward to the next semester when I can claim my student concession again and avoid the astronomical Sydney transport fares. Perhaps by then I will have pulled together the courage also to quit one of my two jobs, so that I can finally figure out a better balance between working and studying. At the moment, I’m juggling it badly!

Photograph by beaugiles on Flickr. I miss the Octopus card!