Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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Beauty is relative. Just because you think this person is the most handsome or beautiful, doesnt necessarily mean that everyone else does. For example you only have to look through fan groups of actors to know that. Noone is perfect or fully liked, there will always be someone who doesnt think they are all that beautiful. It is a matter of opinion.

Perfection demands symmetry. Take a ruler and put it over your face. Nobody's face is ever completely symmetrical and therefore they cannot be perfect.

I know this centres around a main topic again, but I was reading through Twilight the other day and came across Bella's interest over the 'beauty' of the vampires. Is it possible for everyone to think they are beautiful? My idea of beauty may be different from your and vice versa, so what do the vampires do? Look different to everyone?

Beauty is a matter of opinion. The majority of people may think you are beautiful, but that doesnt mean everyone does. We all have our own idea of beauty, as I may admire a certain actor, but someone think they arent anything special, or you may swoon over another actor and I remain indifferent. So the quote used on Rosalie about how she was so beautiful it made 'all those around her take a hit on their self esteem' (paraphrased), cannot be fully true. If I dont think she is really that special, then why should I take a hit?

Oh boy will Rosalie be annoyed.

I maintain though, that the idea of beauty is based on opinion. Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder.

That goes also, for even if you think you are not so pretty yourself, someone else may see the true beauty within you. Beauty is also only skin deep.