BEACH QUEENS feat. Ryuuko Matoi

Kill La Kill Ryuuko Matoi in Bikini

Ruben and I have been slowly catching up to KILL la KILL these past few weeks, and while it’s been slow progress, it’s been fairly steady as we reach the critical reveal of the story, and the world seems turned on its head (more about that someday).

More to the point, however, because of our recent obsession with this series Ruben bumped the new KILL la KILL Ryuuko Matoi BEACH QUEENS figure by WAVE to my attention a few days ago, as a gorgeous fully coloured version has finally appeared and has now become available for pre-order.

Ryuuko Matoi BEACH QUEENS comparison with original art

Yet another bikini fig

While previous Ryuuko figures have featured her synchronised, and are often referred to as ‘Kamui Senketsu ver.’, this is the first chance we’ve had to see her outside of battle-mode in a figure, and as others have mentioned, it is surprisingly restrained, given the nature of the series. It is pleasing to see her happy though.

Although we were uncertain at first if Senketsu would be featured in this Beach Queen, it seems he is after all in his full glory as a sentient uniform! Strangely, it’s almost a pity as I did enjoy his diminished self to some degree — it did help Ryuuko to find herself and her own strength, and her newfound scarf was cute. But that’s another story.

Apparently there will be a special release of this BEACH QUEEN too, featuring her minimised scissor blade, but at a great enough cost you could purchase another pre-owned figure with this one if you wanted to. Exclusivity is always attractive, and there is something alluring about that blade somehow.

I have to ask what the bangle around her arm is — but I suspect this may be something I should just accept. Others have far more issues than I, commenting about her broken wrist. I only hope her sense of balance holds!

Ryuuko Matoi BEACH QUEENS 180 degree turns

The Search for a Queen

Recently, I’ve been trying to find a BEACH QUEENS that I really want and could justify the cost of, so this figure might just be the one to push me into a purchase. 110 scale figures are amazingly portable, especially compared to a 16 or 18 scale, and not to mention they are a great evening companion on your desk as they take up relatively little space too.

I’ve misjudged you, 110 scales!

Certainly, some BEACH QUEENS are not well sculpted, but Ryuuko, Darjeeling and certain Sabers are some of the rare exceptions. Perhaps we’ll see more quality work from WAVE in our near future, but of course that comes with a somewhat heftier price. Did BEACH QUEENS always cost this much?

In the meantime, maybe I’ll try my own bikini edit.

TVアニメ『キルラキル』© TRIGGER・中島かずき/キルラキル製作委員会