[#Music] Things We Lost

People speak of growing up with certain kinds of music, such as how their family was always into jazzy tunes or what kinds of records their grandfather would often set to play on Sunday afternoons, but personally I have never seen this that much in myself. I only realised last year that I'm rather fond of folk songs since my father would play them on tapes in the car, but he was just as fond of listening to mix 106.5FM.

Choice has always been a hard thing with me. I have philosophised on the matter, studied about how choice is simply an illusion, and been presented with choices I have grudgingly made. Choosing a favourite, therefore, is a matter just as difficult.

It's not too hard to say though, that Bastille is one of my favourite bands over the past few months. I say bands because if I said singers it would likely have to go to Michael Bublé due to that pesky delightful Christmas album of his that was playing everywhere this past Christmas.

Introduced to the Bastille through their cover of We Can't Stop, I wanted to find out more about their own songs. Things We Lost In The Fire was one of their songs that stuck with me the most. I am unashamedly a fan of the use of violins in songs which this group does so well, and the lyrics in this song are so very poignant.

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