Autumn Foxes

Foxes among autumn leaves

An adorable image which my friend Seb tweeted earlier today. The 'shiny', I assume he is referring to, in this image is the lovely white fox — if it's a Pokemon reference I'm sadly missing it (gettin' old).

I've always loved foxes as you may be able to tell from my mascot, and I think it may have partially come about as a result of watching The Animals of Farthing Wood on television as a kid. Well, that and the fact I like the colour red, I suppose. The foxes in this image blend into the crisp autumn leaves deposited on the ground behind them. In a Farthing Wood context however the 'protagonist' in the story, a brave red fox, goes through many hardships to help and save his friends... against blue foxes.

As intriguing as they are, blue foxes don't exist in nature as far as I know. This white fox is adorable though, its patterning making it looking somewhat like a border collie. I once spotted what looked like a red fox outside my local train station on my way home — with luck I'll see him/her or his/her descendants again someday.