Australia's Biggest Twit (Tweeter sounds like twitter)

Oreki: Is that how it works?

Remember this article on from last year? The gist of it was coverage of the 'biggest twit' (I'm not sure this is a compliment?) in Australia, otherwise known as who has racked up the most Tweets while in the region of this continent. Or what we are led to believe anyway, as the true manner of this calculation was never revealed, yet 'most prolific' is hailed in their given list.

Although this time last year I did have a great deal more tweets and was safely within the 200K region, my location was not set as any existing country in my paranoid way — clearly given their methods of "research" I was not to be in the running for such a position. Starting "seriously tweeting" in February of 2011 yet with over 200K in tweets, what kind of statistic would I have made when I made around 500 tweets a day at my highest points?

Interestingly, much has changed in a year, yet not at all. My tweet count is still just a measly 299,760 tweets, yet I still have more tweets than the purported 'most prolific' in Australia (around 288K right now). I haven't used Twitter much over the past year though (I'm only tweeting 10% of what I used to), I'm sure @lilithia will soon surpass me. Congratulations to her.

Regardless of any of these spiffy titles though, there's something these 'news' organisations need to learn - get your facts straight before you report them. Then again, this is the site that is now reporting an article related to boob enhancements as the main article or this other newspaper not good enough for export. Or perhaps you want to calculate from numbers of followers instead for yet another inadequate measurement. Enjoy. What's with the backtrack anyway?

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