Australian Horror Story: Public Transport

Found on Pedestrian TV today, while I was trying to find a graphic about Sydney’s new public transport signage. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting to find, if nothing else.

While the video was given a minimalistic name that would bely its true nature, Australian animator Michael Cusack captures… interesting insight into an encounter at a train system. Which scarily looked like a local one of mine at first, which just goes to show how alike they look since this is set in Dapto.

While some Australians do engage in this kind of ‘lighthearted banter’, these kinds of people are the kinds I would take great pains to avoid! Thankfully I don’t often see these kinds of people around my area in the middle of the day, but occasionally in the evenings they’ll start creeping out of the cracks…

Just as well that I’m usually inside the office when I’m in Miranda.