Happy Australia Day

Fireworks for Australia Day at Darling Harbour

Just like the many other ‘Western’ holidays in the calendar, Australia Day may have just floated by again if not for the fact I spotted it on Twitter’s trends list early this morning. By the time I had woken up though, I had forgotten it and it was business as usual for my family as we settled down to a very Chinese-styled lunch.

Were it not for the fact that I met up with Ruben early this afternoon I might have forgotten it yet again. In Hornsby’s Westfield purchasing supplies, we spotted the colourful celebrations happening by the fountain. Ruben also purchased some sausages for a little Australia Day styled BBQ of our own — minus the BBQ and substituting a frying pan over a gas stove. With sides of charcoaled onion, still with a hint of sweetness.

As I’d already had lunch I opted to go without a piece of bread for a more contemporary rendition of the traditional Australian sausage sizzle! Maybe? It reminds me of the MasterChef episodes where contestants were asked to reinvent dishes. I wonder if there are any such new inventions living in high end restaurants today? Though it be far out of my budget for me to afford such a thing, it doesn’t mean I can’t invent in the company of friends.

In the evening after a dinner with some visiting relatives, we headed out to Darling Harbour to see the Australia Day fireworks. As the tones of the Australian anthem rang out, I sang along, feeling surreal.

Realising the Australian anthem is the only anthem you really know is a bit of a return to reality sometimes. Even though I don’t like Australia now as much as I used to, it’s still where I was raised and all I really know. It’s always the case of the grass is greener, but I don’t have the luck to have grown up in different places. Maybe I’ll make more of an effort to learn another anthem.

But I digress, Australia certainly has a knack of knowing how to pollute the skies as it lit up with fireworks again, the second time since New Year. Happy Australia Day everyone!