[Art] Valentines 2014

Gokudera Valentines 2014

Sometimes when we are all so much more aware of our global neighbours, occasions never really just last for one day, but can stretch out over the time zones. Though I would technically have been late for Australia’s Valentines Day, there’s always a good chance for making the American one, giving you just a few more hours of preparation time.

I haven’t been too active in drawing lately, but when occasions crop up now I will take the chance to challenge myself a little. In December, it was drawing several people in the one image, which I don’t do frequently. In January, it was trying out a full-body pose that I was not used to drawing.

Rubi Valentines 2014

And finally, in February I was trying out more poses that I’m not used to drawing, characters I’ve always felt I had trouble with, actually creating backgrounds that aren’t just white expanses, as well as changing perspective for a change. Although I started out with a different idea in mind for the picture above, by the time I came to draw it I was struck by a flash of inspiration, which resulted in the image you see on Ruben’s blog today.

I’m relatively pleased with the colouring on these two images, given that because of my lack of practice my style seems to often vary between artworks. I felt the one for Ruben has a more realistic approach to her colouring and is a little more dynamic, whereas the Gokudera image I drew for Tori is a bit more of the style I usually do which feels hemmed into a box. It is saved somewhat by the lettering though, which saved me from having to draw anything below the waist.

Overall I’m pleased with these results of my attempts. I don’t feel like I’m making headway anywhere yet, but I’m a little more willing to try out different things again, now that I’ve remembered that I can draw almost anything as long as I have a good reference to begin with. Some people pooh-pooh references and often I draw without them, but regardless they are intensely resourceful.

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Valentines 2014