[Art] Mascot for @Rubenerd_Blog

Rubenerd mascot

I started on designing and drawing a mascot for Ruben's blog late last year and earlier this year, it went up on his website underneath his sidebar. Since its inception however, I've made various variations (ooh redundancy?) of 'Rubi', but of the ones Ruben has revealed, there is her default, and the Chinese New Year edition I made for the coming few weeks of the Lunar New Year, both of which can be sampled in the image above and can be seen in full on Rubenerd.com... eventually.

The entirety of the lineart and colouring was done in FireAlpaca, which is a free image editor. While I would have preferred to have created it in PaintTool SAI (painting software I first discovered in late 2010), whose brushes allow for a nicer watercolour-like and soft-CGI colouring; since I moved to using Mac OS X, this has been one of the better image applications which I've tried out. I've heard from others about the wonders of CLIP Paint Lab, but the difficulty in installing it, plus the cost of it doesn't make it worthwhile enough for me. Regardless, one day I'll get around to installing it.

Hibari and Mukuro drawing from 2010 Fanart of Hibari and Mukuro from Katekyo! Hitman Reborn created in SAI, posted 2010

I haven't used Photoshop for the purposes of colouring art for a long time, but given than ultimately it is an application that is best suited for editing photos, it isn't entirely the best choice anyway. You may disagree, which is fine. If necessary though, it is true that it can be 'hacked', if you will, to create the effects desired. And PS, unfortunately, is still the program of choice when adjusting colour levels (unless you prefer free programs, such as GIMP).

There's a lot of design history to her default outfit and design which I won't go into, but the CNY version of her outfit tries to pay some homages to the original outfit, while still meeting the cultural customs of Chinese New Year. She wears a red qipao with a pattern of two phoenixes circling each other, a purple scarf and ribbon that is homage to the scarf and ribbon of the default, mismatched thigh-high stockings (for that ultimate zettai ryouiki) as a homage to Ruben himself again, short boots and carries a Chinese lantern inscribed with wishings of peace.

All artwork in this post by me. Find the original of the second image here, first published 2010.