[Art] Inuyasha Puppies

Whenever I see art or fanart of Inuyasha, it makes me rather nostalgic. There's a lot of fanart and fanfiction which I've written or thought about writing for Inuyasha and sometimes images like these remind me of those stories and make me want to write them... no spoilers, but you can take a look at the only fully-completed piece of Inuyasha fanart I've ever drawn (and coloured, that is)!

Wanting to write them in turn makes me want to read those excellent pieces of fanfiction I'd read in the past though. Now if only I knew where I could find them... Wait! Holy-- don't you love it when your past self actually had the insight to leave links behind?! Some of the greatest Inuyasha fanfiction I've ever read was by Sueric! Can't wait to have another look and relive the story again. :')

Illust by 殺雨 on Pixiv.