[Art] Getting back into Digital Art

Rubi, Rubenerd Mascot

I created a new illustration of Ruben's mascot, Rubi, yesterday and it's interesting how rusty you can get without realising it. Despite not drawing for months, the tablet still felt quite natural in my hand, but while colouring this illustration, I was lost within the options of FireAlpaca. Part of the reason might be that I installed a new update to the program, but it wasn't until I was almost a third of the way through colouring that I seemed to get back into the rhythm of things.

I know a lot of people will use Photoshop for colouring, but after using Photoshop for a couple of years and not achieving the effect I wanted, I started using Paint Tool SAI on my Windows laptop at the time. Unfortunately, SAI is unusable on a Mac without some sort of Virtual Machine to assist or using Wine, so I made the switch to FireAlpaca when I decided to retire my Windows machines. I love the brushes inside Paint Tool SAI and FireAlpaca can't quite match up, but still does a better job than Photoshop - in my opinion.

Watercolour option

I usually keep my brushes and palettes within the program and try not to change them, but in this instance there required a lot of customisation to create the effect I wanted to achieve in the illustration. I suppose it's not a bad thing to create new workflows from time to time?

I'm a fan of the watercolour style though, so for Soft CGI effects the watercolour brush works best in FireAlpaca. The interface is fairly minimalistic, which is why I quite like it though the switching between the various tools can get a bit confusing.

Got to love their new 'FireAlpaca' brush though!