[Art] For @Sebasu_tan and @Rubenerd

Congratulations to Sebastian for Graduating from his Masters Degree

I was suddenly hit with inspiration to draw today, I attribute it to getting the courage to make a couple of sketches yesterday afternoon after a training-ish session. A co-worker showed me a sketch of hers, and I was spurred into feeling like picking up a pen and drawing again for the first time in months.

First I drew and alpaca and then a couple of girls, and I left the notebook at work so I can’t post an image, but it was interesting to go through the motions again. I’m undecided where drawing will take me yet, but nothing like real-world experience to make you realise what kinds of ways it may come in use…

But I digress: first of all, a congratulatory artwork for Sebastian who graduated from his Masters degree today! Omedetou, senpai! Drawing is pretty much the only thing I can think of to do sometimes, so I hope this is a satisfactory present for you… I’m back to that strapped-for-cash stage again, for a while anyway. I still owe you various artworks from over the years I simply never figured out how to draw.

Get well to Ruben!

Secondly, an artwork for the boyfriend who recently succumbed to the illnesses of everyone around him. We’ve spent some time over the last couple of days trying to catch up with Nisekoi and our undisputed favourite character is the elder Onodera (I’ve been reading a few spoilers..), other than Ruri that is, who is an endless source of entertainment.

I asked Onodera if she could hold up a sign for me (I almost couldn’t fit all the letters on the sign, whoops) and of course she obliged with a smile as usual. You could almost see the flowers dancing around her face — and you actually do see them. She would have made a concerned expression of course, but a smile makes people feel better, right?

I drew these both in pen so I had to make some careful considerations before going ahead to draw since it’s too easy to make mistakes and too difficult to reverse them (unless you draw over the top), but it seems to have worked for me. Maybe I’ll try to draw some more like this for a while, see how many works I can make myself not discard.

I know I was a bit meh with the hands this time around, but I know I can do better. I’ll try harder, I promise.