[Art] Flowery Coffee and Darkness Imageset

flower imageset

I made this imageset a few weeks ago for a certain occasion, but it's a long story (actually it isn't, but it is). It was a bit of a rush job, so the idea behind it isn't really that well developed, but I liked the idea of playing with light and dark and colours, which turned out interesting. A photo that would otherwise be a disaster actually came in handy.

I do like blending and playing with different effects and I like how this set came out overall, but I don't know that it really captured the essence of a meaning that isn't well formed — it does look nice though. Probably the image I like the most is the first, which really does something to capture the meaning of what I want, but it was still a bit difficult to try and make something when you don't feel as though you know enough to do it... it's a shame I didn't have time to make the illustration I was originally going to do.

I spent a long time debating on how I should display this set, since the 'fireflowers', termed by Ruben, seemed more like the centrepiece, yet the coffee image was my personal favourite. This imageset concluded like this though, after feedback from Ruben.. on the last two images, anyway (these images were produced in reverse order). The real-life printed version includes some extra Chinese characters for reasons, but I haven't included them here. :)