April Fools Day

Google Maps Prank - Pokemon in Circular Quay and Singapore

The long awaited fourth month of the year has set forth! Alas, although we had grand plans, the past few weeks have simply been too busy and exhausting for me to have made any preparations for this day. On reflection, when I had the idea many moons ago, I should have started production on my April Fools’ Day prank for… well, April Fools.

As always, many websites on the internet set out to create the best prank ever. Some jaded individuals are no longer enthused by the little pranks, saying they needed to be grander, but it doesn’t always need to be complicated to have a little fun.

Notable Pranks

My favourites this year just happen to be the ones I managed to see, for example the wonderful Rurouni Kenshin Live Action prank linked to me by Sebastian, where Kumamoto mascot Kumamon replaces Takeru Satou. I’d be almost interested in seeing this unique rendition, which is cute to boot….

The other one was linked to me by my new work colleagues, when we all crowded around my monitor to watch Google’s April Fools’ video in full screen. One thing is for certain - Google have plenty of money to create such an elaborate advertisement for today.

If you update your Google Maps app today, you will be able to navigate around the maps and find Pokémon scattered around. Tapping on them will reveal their name and an option to throw a Pokéball, which will allow you to capture them. Time consuming, but a great deal of fun. On a whim, I navigated to Singapore, but I only managed to find a single Pokémon so far! I can see that this is potentially the one situation having a massively large Samsung screen would be beneficial. Hmm…. Google Maps on iPad?

Last of all though, I only had time to seek out one prank on my own today, and that was through a short visit to the Kill La Kill website, as Japanese anime sites are legendary for their April Fools’ pranks. Although I didn’t understand the Japanese on their website even slightly, a short search revealed information from a more informed source. While an interesting development — there is something very intellectual and ‘local’ about this joke which makes it unintelligible to my exhausted mind. For an company that has largely been welcoming to English anime fans, this certainly is somewhat of an about turn!

And of course, SMASH! couldn’t resist pitching in today, dishing up bales of hay for hoovesfuls of horsing around…

SMASH! Cyrus and Skadi as horses for April Fools 2014