Apps working that shouldn't? - Twitter API

TweakDeck interface

I'd read franksting/Gavin Costello's post this morning while I rode the train to visit Ruben, however it wasn't until I had read Ruben's post about Twitter retiring their v1.0 API that I realised that my Twitter client on my Android phone should have stopped working, but incredibly - was still working! Apparently these problems which have been plaguing iOS apps somehow didn't translate to my phone, and this isn't some grand sweeping statement about how Android is better than Apple, just interesting that this still works.

I blogged about this back in March and here's a quote from Twitter's blog which they have now moved over from their old Posterous one:

Additionally, TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone rely on v1.0 of Twitter’s API, which we are retiring starting this month. Leading up to that retirement, Twitter’s platform team will be performing occasional tests that will affect applications that rely on API v1.0. Over the next two months users of TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone may experience some outages with those apps before they are removed from their respective app stores in early May.

I do use a 'tweak' of the app, TweakDeck, but as far as I was aware this tweak was generally for the interface as it functions mostly in the same manner. Not having received any new updates over a long period, it shouldn't work! How mysterious.

But back to Ruben's post - strangely I do remember Twitter's RSS from my early days of Twitter shortly before I dropped it again. I'd forgotten all about that, though it hadn't really mattered to me at the time. As he says, there is cause for concern here, but it seems to me like any other platform with a large base these days, people like Twitter and Facebook are willing to let us deal with unpleasant changes because they know we will keep coming back for our friends if not for the service itself. A lot of people, myself included, ran for ADN and other services like, yet months later here we are... still predominantly on Twitter.