Naruto's Neji

I haven’t felt much like writing here lately, I’ll admit each post is a struggle. Apart from not doing anything warranting writing, given my routine is basically to go to work, work, visit Ruben if I have time, go home and spend the next 3-4 hours looking for something to blog about, then go to sleep which isn’t exactly inspiring stuff; I also simply have been finding it hard to really care about stuff lately. Clara’s apathy strikes again.

So you’ll just have to forgive me for the endless onslaught of pointless posts and badly-constructed posts not worthy of reading.

Nonetheless it was nice to go back to doing some of the things I used to enjoy doing over the past long weekend. While I should have been putting time back into my studies which I had previously neglected, instead I opted to relax. I started reading Naruto Shippuden again and got further than I did last time, and I also started again to read the kinds of novels I’ve been fond of since high school.

Sure, some people might call these books trash, but no one needs to be looking in my iBooks now. That is one nice thing about an e-reader, that no one is able to look at the cover of whatever you’re reading. Of course I’m guilty of judging what people are reading as well, for example the middle-aged women reading Twilight on the train.

More about those books another day, I guess. For now enjoy this colouring of Neji I found that I really liked, signed off by a ‘Shibaki’ — if you know who this is, do let me know so I can credit properly. That kind of ‘dry brush’ style is one I wish I could achieve, but alas I haven’t had the motivation to draw lately either. A shame, because I was going to gift someone an Easter drawing for, well, Easter.