Another Miku Birthday and Vocaloid English V3

Hatsune Miku

You can call me not an otaku (I can deal with it) but I hadn't remembered it was Hatsune Miku's birthday, though clearly Ruben did, feel free to read his post here. I probably gave it a mention last year on Twitter, but since I don't really go on Twitter now, it's passed under my radar completely this year.

At any rate, what Ruben says is true enough, Miku is truly a worldwide phenomenon although one that is often said to be hard to get into simply because of how much stuff is out there and the masses of actual Vocaloid characters there are. But still, even if you only know the basics of Vocaloid, you would know about Miku. Then again, she is model 01.

The image for this post isn't a recent one, in fact I've seen it passed around so many times I don't even have a proper source for it. This current one is from the imgur gallery I managed to dig up from Reddit's Zettai Ryouiki threads. It's also one that was sent me before, so it's one of my favourites.

However, here's another of my favourite images of Miku in some of her many outfits which cropped up a few months ago, so feel free to take a look if you're not familiar.

The English V3 of Vocaloid will be out in the next few weeks so English Vocaloid fanatics have something nice to look forward to and SMASH! and other sources are going to be posting up some interesting content, so watch out in the following weeks~

Additionally, you can see some footage from Vocaloid Night here, featuring 8王子P and kz(livetune) by Deerstalker Pictures.


From @Dorry_kun who traced the Miku image for me:

@hanezawakirika Source for your Miku post: #pixiv

Thanks! :) Image by LINO on Pixiv.

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