AnimeSydney Christmas Party 2013

Ex-presidents and current presents giving out awards

Yesterday was the annual AnimeSydney Christmas Party. Although my personal opinion wasn't necessarily that last years' was hard to top (it was definitely fun and we all enjoyed ourselves heartily, but it was missing an element and it was just not exactly what we veterans are used to - that's all!), but a smashing party was nonetheless thrown with a lot of laughter, good food and live music amidst the scattered showers throughout the evening. That wasn't enough to dampen our spirits!

Ruben and I met up at Central station after I'd come off work, so after hastily changing into cosplay in public and throwing on some makeup, we made our way to the University of Sydney, debating whether we should take public transport. Walking was cheaper so off we went, getting caught in the sudden downpour as we entered USyd, thus we took shelter near one of their libraries and bumped into none other than our newly minted tour guide, Alex!

We made it to the venue, deposited our Secret Santa gifts, and made our way inside where we greeted old and new friends and exclaimed over each others' cosplay. For some of us (let's just say me), this is one of the few chances a year I really get to go out there with my cosplay. There were some extravagant and beautiful cosplays seen throughout the night.


One of the items on the night's schedule were two acts from Live Bands, one early in the night before the Otaku Trivia, and one later in the night afterwards. Although different people took part in the different acts, the band was introduced as 'O.B.K' and they were magical.

The first O.B.K act was entirely classical, with piano, cello and a violin. It was some extremely delicate and heartfelt music which was played, and really got us engaged. We were encouraged to sit on the dance floor to listen and one really had to admire how their music intertwined with each other, even as the violinist struggled to play while cosplaying as No Face from Spirited Away!

The second act of O.B.K were songs with accompanying lyrics, so featured two guitarists, a bassist, a pianist, a drummer as well as a singer. They played songs from K-ON, Bakemonogatari, and so on, and really got us cheering and coming forward to listen in rapture. They were some great covers, and I hope I can see some videos up in the coming weeks so we can watch and be nostalgic about that moment all over again. The musicians changed several times, but they all performed spectacularly.

It really makes me wish I hadn't given up on all those instruments I'd started learning and instead seen them, or even just one, until the end. It would be amazing to be in a band - but what better incentive to improve or learn music than that? :)


Of the other entertainment, of course I mentioned the Otaku Trivia (we did well in most of it, even if we didn't win!), and there was also the art wall inside the Pokemon Tournament room, as well as a games area where there was a console for anyone to play on. When Ruben and I passed by, they were playing Bomberman, which I recognise but have never played.

Last but not least, there was the Cosplay Competition! All us cosplayers got up and were asked a few questions by our adjudicators from Anime at Abbotsford before striking a pose and disappearing off. There was great cheer for Sanji in his lovely dress, as well as several other amazing cosplayers. Unfortunately some aspects of the competition were too much of a popularity contest for my taste - I cheered for everyone, naturally!

It was such a lovely evening it was quite sorrowful that it had to end. I caught up with old friends, made some new, enjoyed some amazing live music (I could get into live music like this), had some great food, received some interesting pictures and caught some great moments with my camera.

I really enjoyed the Christmas party this year - thank you, organisers and the wonderful sponsors that made it possible! While it's sad to not be an executive anymore, it's also nice to just kick back and just enjoy the party.