[Review] Ultimate Madoka Nendroid

Madoka with the image of 1/8 scale Madoka

She's been released after a long time and and a long wait, but the Ultimate Madoka nendroid is truly very lovely, even though she has nothing on the larger, 1/8 scale and extremely detailed version. The Ultimate Madoka nendroid is adorable, yet at the same time... spunky.

As with the 1/8 scale version though, there are a certain number of flaws in the Nendroid version, though they could just be as luck-of-the-draw as the larger one is. Some end up with perfect figures, and some end up with figures that have a number of defects, which are sometimes addressed by Good Smile Company when the owners of such figures contact them. But regardless of this, the Nendroid also has a few design flaws, just as the larger version (also by Good Smile Company) does.

I don't have the 1/8 scale version of the Ultimate Madoka nendroid, however I've read people's comments of them, largely in regards to her wings being difficult to get in and the weight of the top of her bow which could deform the figure as it isn't properly balanced. But golly is she beautiful.

In any case, I bought the nendroid version because I'm not quite rich enough to be buying the lovely 1/8 scale Godoka, and she's pretty without taking up the same amount of space which is great news for me since I don't have a great deal of surface area to be placing figures. She does take up somewhat more space than the usual nendroid though because of those wings and her hair, and possibly even the fact she's always elevated into the air because of that dress of hers.

The back of Madoka

When I unwrapped her, she looked beautiful, however her wings were extremely difficult to get into the figure, I actually wasn't sure how they connected once I had the chance to get a good look at them, as well as to read the small manual (well, more like just look through, since I don't read that much Japanese) that came with Madoka in her box. I believe pressing them into the slots which were in her hair actually damaged the holes somewhat, and considering I'm not thinking of reselling her this isn't an issue to much to me, but she's so new it is a little upsetting that she is injured already. Basically the only reason they seem to fit is simply because I pressed them in using brute force and every jar is able to easily knock them out.

Madoka manual

Which brings me to my second point that Madoka weighs so much. No, I'm not saying she's fat, but she is so top heavy that if you put her on the wrong angle, she simply falls over. I was forced to use the stand that basically connects to the back of her dress since I wasn't able to figure out the other, higher stand yet which seems to slot into her back. By that point I was impatient enough because of the struggle with her other parts I just went with the part which was the easiest to put on. If the angle she is at is too shallow, Madoka will slip down and tip over onto the table.

Madoka fell over

The last problem which others appear to also have had is the hole in one hand (the hand which appears to be designed to hold her bow) was not sized adequately so that it would fit onto her arm properly. As you may know, Nendroids come with an assortment of different parts, so you can change her pose as much as you want - in that sense they are very similar to the figmas, though mostly lacking those numerous joints. I didn't see an arm piece for this extra hand so I took the arm off another piece which was straight and tried to press them together, which ultimately failed. I tried to enlarge the space with a toothpick which seemed to work and I fitted the hand to the arm. It was pretty hard to figure out which sleeve to use though.

Overall though, I love her hair and I really like her dress and her bow which I don't see any problems with though they are very fiddly. I always come across problems with nendroids because parts just fall right off them. The detail on her dress is wonderful - all sides of it - although again it really has nothing on the 1/8 scale of the figure. I could be so much more - it's just so minimised!

Awkward moments when her legs fell off for no reason though. They almost seem a bit out of place, just hanging there without really being able to be posed. I like turning them so they look a bit like the legs of the 1/8 scale figure but they still seem somewhat awkward. Since she doesn't use her feet to stand either, gravity seems to work against them.

I love that she has different poses, but when you're going to stand them on your desk, you don't usually change her pose very often! You stick with the one you like the most, which feels like a waste. :'D

Madoka again, posing